Brands are the cornerstone for lower risk & higher margin growth.

Key Brand Building Guidelines

Brand-Driven Growth

We believe building strong brands is essential to our investment strategy.
We strongly believe that strong brands are the cornerstone for lowering the risk profile for our products and in most cases, should result in higher sales growth and better margins than traditional business plan modeling.

It is well accepted that stronger brands create customers who:

  • are more loyal
  • will pay a higher price premium
  • are willing to personally endorse/advocate
  • provide future growth opportunities

Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned: Reflects two decades of lessons learned from inspiring successes and disappointing failure. Using this experience from both ends of the business spectrum, we have created a systematic approach (see Our Approach) for sustained growth.

Critical to this approach is understanding four primary variables:

  • Loyalty — Which customers are you targeting? Why should these customers be committed to your products or services? What is the nature of that relationship and commitment?
  • Own-able — Which benefits, both tangible & intangible, can your company own and leverage, on a branded basis, for long-term advantage versus the competition? How will this guide the new product pipeline?
  • Competence — What must your company be superior at, now and in the future, to ensure consistent delivery to its customers? How might this be protected through partnerships, alliances or strategic investments?
  • Lifetime Profit Sources — What strategic direction makes the most fiscal sense to attain lifetime value of your core customers?

These four variables are the heart of the due diligence and planning process; they must be assessed at a deep level in order for us to fully realize the potential brand opportunity.

Trust and Respect

Our Values

Our Values guide our decision making are:

  • Integrity — Truth & Transparency
  • Innovation — Creativity & Initiative
  • Agility — Responsiveness & Decisiveness
  • Mutuality — Fair & Equitable
  • Accountability — Responsible & Accessible
  • Philanthropy — Community Support & Betterment