ClickPay Increases Processing Volume By Billions of Dollars of Payments in 2014

NEW YORK, NY (December 1, 2014) Twelve months after ClickPay and NovelPay merged, the new Company, has added billions of dollars of processing by expanding its sales efforts nationally, upgrading processing capabilities, adding new products, and enhancing its technology infrastructure. Since the merger last year ClickPay has also increased its processing volume by over 600%. New customers of ClickPay collectively manage tens of billions of dollars of processing for residents in 44 states fueling its future growth for 2015.

At its peak periods, ClickPay is processing thousands of real estate payments per minute via Online ACH, paper checks, credit card, and online bill pay.

ClickPay has built a robust, reliable and highly scalable solution, to address high volume requirements of property owners and managers and support the future growth of the business. The ClickPay solution creates operational efficiency and reduction in costs for property managers by simplifying and consolidating all payment methods, into a single comprehensive solution.

ClickPay’s highly customizable solution provides comprehensive software and services for billing, payment processing, third-party accounting integration and reconciliation that result in improved financial performance.

About ClickPay, a Division of NovelPay, LLC

As the leading provider of innovative payment solutions for the multi-housing industry, ClickPay offers fully integrated billing, payment processing and software services to accelerate the financial performance of its customers by reducing operating costs, creating operational efficiencies, and boosting resident satisfaction. These services provide property owners and managers with a customizable, electronic solution to bill and collect from their residents including online payments, lockbox, on-site check scanning, paper statements and e-billing. ClickPay accepts all payment methods including e-check (ACH), paper check, debit and credit card, and American Express. Utilizing years of collective experience in the real estate, electronic payment, and technology sectors, ClickPay has developed a comprehensive suite of services focused on real estate technology and financial performance.

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