ClickPay Services Inc. Closes Series A Financing

ClickPay Services has announced the c losing of its Series A financing round lead by Originate Ventures. Eric Arnson of Originate Ventures joins the Board of Directors.

June 27, 2011 — ClickPay enables property owners to accept electronic payments for any type of property they own including rent payments, HOA fees and condo dues, parking, campus housing and commercial payments. This simplifies and automates the collection process providing a faster and more efficient method of collecting fees from residents. All the payments fund directly into the corresponding depository account and auto-sync features log the transactions in the owners accounting software. Resident’s benefit from the simplicity of paying with a simple click from their PC or mobile phone, tablet or PC. Additionally, ClickPay offers the convenience of paying their rent by credit or debit card in addition to paying directly from their checking and savings accounts.

ClickPay delivers faster payment processing capabilities to meet the needs of today’s mobile ecosystem. While most platforms take several days to process an ACH payment, ClickPay can have the funds available in the owners account the next business day. Additionally, ClickPay’s secure administration portal provides maximum visibility to the payment status for owners enabling them to identify and resolve any non-sufficient fund payments.

“The processing of paper checks is a huge burden for large real estate enterprises,” said Eric Arnson, Originate Ventures Managing Partner. “The ClickPay founders have created a revolutionary platform for electronic payments that can immediately provide substantial savings of both time and money for large real estate enterprises and tenants are clearly demanding this amenity. It was built by multi-family property owners to serve their specific needs.”

“We are thrilled to have Originate Ventures as our partner to help us continue to grow this business and serve more owners and residents” said Tom Kiernan, President of ClickPay Services Inc.

Property owners currently utilize the ClickPay platform across the U.S. and the company plans to use the funds to scale its marketing and customer service operations.

For more information please contact:

Michael Cambareri

(800) 533-7901 x7013