CMC FlexCollect® Surpasses $300MM in Payments Collected

The FlexCollect® Cloud-based Managed Service Reaches Another Payment Milestone, Avoiding Charge-offs for Tens of Billions in Delinquent Balances

Wilmington, DE., April 30, 2012—Collections Marketing Center, Inc. (CMC), the leading provider of comprehensive collections “in the cloud” for creditors and billers, today announced it had surpassed a milestone payment mark for its FlexCollect platform.  More than $300 million in payments have been made by delinquent customers to account balances held by CMC clients.

“We’re delighted to pass on to clients the savings of so many payments made via self-service, at only 70-80% the cost of incurring expensive agent time,” said Vytas Kisielius, CEO, CMC.  “We continue to augment our innovative on-demand collections capabilities like payments to multi-relationship accounts at the customer level, payments taken right through Smart PDF documents and payments coming in without the expense of over-communicating to customers.”

FlexCollect achieved its payment milestone across a basket of US Dollars, British Pounds, Euros and Australian Dollars — showing the versatility of the platform that is agnostic to currency, product, payment gateway, region, billing system of record and language.  Further, a large majority of the payments were made as part of individually tailored borrower payment programs, showing the efficacy of the FlexCollect platform in communicating the right offer to the right customer and thereby getting FlexCollect client bills paid first.

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Collections Marketing Center, Inc. (CMC) offers a pioneering adaptive collections service that enables lenders to deploy completely synchronized collections offers, contacts, and treatments across credit card, real estate, student, and installment loan products. The company’s

FlexCollect® managed services solution is helping a rapidly growing number of top lenders collect more and spend less by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their charged off, delinquent, and pre-delinquent portfolio operations. For more information, visit or call (302) 830-9262.

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