Holganix Shown to Promote Root Repair in Damaged Plants

Bio-nutritional soil supplement benefits turf, trees and ornamental shrubs —

Glen Mills, PA – August 4, 2011 – Holganix™, a supplier of 100% organic bio-nutritional soil supplements, offers a tree and ornamental shrub product that effectively promotes root and vascular system repair in Auxin-damaged plants.
Auxins are naturally occurring hormones that promote plant growth. There are a number of man-made chemical products currently in use that mimic Auxin behavior and induce hormonal increases, thereby increasing vascular translocation. While natural increases in Auxin production is often a benefit, in the case of some tree species and shallow-rooted ornamental shrubs, it is extremely harmful. As a result, one such Auxin-mimic, Imprelis®, has become the focus of several lawsuits, such as the case recently brought against DuPont by the Polo Fields Golf & Country Club in Southfield, MI.

Imprelis herbicide, with the active ingredient aminocyclopyrachlor, was approved in late 2010 for lawn care companies seeking an herbicide to control a wide array of broadleaf weeds, including ground ivy and wild violet. Applications occur mainly on lawns, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, athletic fields and sod farms.

“The active biology in the Holganix Tree & Shrub product helps to limit the Imprelis translocation, limit the intake of the herbicide and aid in plant recovery,” said Stephen T. Lange, VP of Research and Development for Holganix. “Aminocyclopyrachlor [Imprelis] is a rapid mover and remains in the soil for uptake for more than 40 days. Without high biological activity, the chemical can persist and continue to rapidly do severe damage. The biology of the Holganix Tree & Shrub product can quickly attack the Imprelis, normally rendering it void within 3 to 5 days as opposed to several weeks.”

This recovery is the result of a number of bio-nutritional processes. The Lignin polymers in Holganix allow for normal fluid flow throughout the plant root systems without inhibiting or changing growth habits, thereby alleviating stress and allowing foods to be moved freely without distortion or growth regulation. Similarly, the yucca extract contained in Holganix is a natural toxin reducer and a sugar that allows the plant to assume normal growth habits distorted by Auxin-mimics such as Imprelis. The beneficial bacteriological/fungal activity in Holganix has shown that it has the ability to decompose the Imprelis product rapidly, further aiding in recovery. The humic/fulvic and amino acid combinations, combined with the kelp extract in Holganix, will quickly allow the plant to return to normal growth modes, stopping or limiting the Phenoxy symptoms.

The benefits of Holganix extend beyond just the counteraction of Auxin-increase damages. The active bio-nutrients found in Holganix Tree & Shrub combine with organic bio-stimulants to create a highly evolved formula — teaming with beneficial microbiological organisms — that re-establishes the natural soil conditions grass, trees and ornamental shrubs need to thrive in any environment.

“A historic property on the eastern shore of Maryland had several 300-year-old English boxwoods that were in severe decline. Horticulturists determined the decay was due to insect damage, age and poor cultural damage, and recommended that they be removed since there was no chance of recovery,” said Lange. “Through soil and tissue sampling, we discovered that the damage was caused by an abundance of root-destroying organisms. After just one application of Holganix Tree & Shrub, within 5 weeks a significant amount of recovery had taken place. Today, the property continues to be treated with Holganix 5 times per year to maintain the boxwoods’ health.”

About Holganix
Holganix is a safe, effective and all-natural bio-nutritional product. Its revolutionary formula reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, while keeping lawns lush and green all season long. It also fosters an environment that makes plants less prone to damage from insects, weeds and disease.  Learn more at www.holganix.com or call 866-56-EARTH.