New Bio-Nutritional Fertilizer Supplement Leading The Industry

— Holganix is a bio-nutritional product helping to revolutionize the lawn care industry –

Glen Mills, PA – July 7, 2011 – Holganix, a Pennsylvania-based supplier of bio-nutritional soil supplements is helping to change the face of the lawn care and landscaping industry. The company’s proprietary organic formula allows lawn care companies and landscapers to drastically reduce the amount of chemical herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides necessary to deliver the lush green results their customers have come to expect.
With recent legislative and consumer demands applying increasing pressure on the lawn care industry to adopt more environmentally friendly practices, Holganix offers customers a clear and ecologically beneficial alternative to traditional fertilization techniques without increasing the overhead costs of small business owners. In fact, the Holganix 90/50/30 Savings Assurance Program guarantees drastic reductions of both costs and chemicals: nitrate and phosphate reduction of up to 90%, lower labor costs up to 50%, and reduced product costs of 30% or more.

“Holganix is saving me money,” said Jim Buck of Terra Scapes. “I’m greatly reducing chemical usage and my customers are extremely excited about the environmental aspect of the product.”
Holganix begins with a plant-based compost tea containing no animal or human by-products. Its active bio-nutrients include peat-based hummates, endo- and ecto-mycorrhizae, tricaderma, yucca extract and melaleuca oil. These powerful nutrients are then combined with organic bio-stimulants to create a highly evolved formula, teeming with beneficial microbiological organisms that establish the natural soil conditions your plants need to thrive in any environment.

“By using Holganix to reduce the traditional chemical requirements of their regular treatment routines, landscape and lawn care professionals are realizing the cost-saving benefits of reducing their environmental impact without compromising on results.” explained Barrett Ersek, owner of Holganix.

With Holganix extending the market reach of this patent pending, plant-based bio-nutritional solution to lawn care companies across the country, this industry-leading product will soon be found on shelves and in landscaper’s supply closets nationwide.

About Holganix
Holganix is a safe, effective and all-natural bio-nutritional product. Its revolutionary formula reduces the need for chemical fertilizers, while keeping lawns lush and green all season long. It also fosters an environment that makes plants less prone to damage from insects, weeds and disease.  Learn more at or call 866-56-EARTH.