CMP.LY is a venture-funded startup offering proprietary social media monitoring, measurement, insight and compliance solutions for Fortune 100 financial services, automotive and consumer packaged goods companies, as well as leading advertising, social and PR agencies.

Here at CMP.LY, we believe that every one should be able to take control of their social media. That’s why we’ve spent our time creating solutions that help you better understand what is really happening with your social communications, optimize initiatives based upon actionable marketing intelligence and develop structured processes and best practices.


Framework of Coded URLS & Badges
– Link back to unique detailed disclosures
– Applicable across platforms (tweets, updates, posts, etc.)
Documented Audit Trail
– Automated channel monitoring
– Scalable solution, from setup to program completion
Social Business Intelligence
– Compliance tracking provides program-specific data
– Reach & amplification metrics
– Searchable archive