Medallion Analytics

Medallion Analytics is a web-based Services Platform that enables control over compliance and cost across the entire loan origination process. Medallion’s platform performs real-time analysis and evaluation of all documents and all parties’ interactions digitizing the mortgage closing process from approval to close connecting all players in the mortgage ecosystem. The Company is located in Pittsburgh, PA.


HUD Pre-Population

Medallion automatically extracts the data from the lender’s closing instructions and pre-populates the HUD-1 settlement statement. This means the settlement services company now has NO re-keying of data, resulting in measurable time savings and labor reduction, as well as significant improvements in quality. Send your HUD prep team home at 5p even during the last week of the month.

Pre-Closing Audits

Medallion extracts data from the Commitment to Insure, the lender’s Closing Instructions, and the loan documents themselves. In real time, all of this data is comprehensively analyzed to ensure loan quality and lien position. Now, you can be completely confident that all documents are accurate and your risk is mitigated as the borrower proceeds to the closing table. With Medallion, there is no more messy clean up post-close.

Post-Closing Document Separation, Audit, Re-Stacking, and Delivery

Medallion takes a scanned image of the executed closing package – straight from the closing table – separates it into its individual documents and indexes those documents in the Medallion eVault. Each document is then subjected to a customized post-closing audit to identify missed signatures, missing pages, and other errors. The documents are then re-stacked and delivered electronically according to each lender’s specifications. Say goodbye to Post-It notes that identify missed signatures, paper clips that specify document order, and overworked copiers that are constantly down (unless you really like the copier repair guy).